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Scientists Discover 100 New Species Of Marine Life In A Rift Off New Zealand's Coast

Over the course of a three-week expedition, Ocean Census collected nearly 1,800 samples and discovered more than 100 new species.

Off the coast of New Zealand is a deep oceanic rift known as Bounty Trough, a name that is seemingly well-earned — as it recently supplied scientists with a bounty of new discoveries in the form of roughly 100 previously unknown species of marine life.

The discoveries came after a three-week voyage undertaken by Ocean Census, a global alliance founded by the Nippon

Why Everything You Learned In School About Who Built The Pyramids Is Likely Wrong

Between 2575 and 2465 B.C.E., the Pyramids of Giza were constructed as tombs for the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure — but who built the pyramids?

There is no short supply of theories about who built the pyramids. Many suggest that slaves kept by the ancient Egyptians were forced en masse to construct these magnificent ancient wonders. Other, more outlandish, theories claim the Pyramids of Giza were erected by aliens.

Certainly, the pyramids are a remarkable feat of architectural engineer

French Ghost Hunter Found Dead In Italian Church With Her Body Drained Of Blood

Auriane Nathalie Laisne, a 22-year-old woman from France, was found dead in an abandoned Italian church on April 5 — and it may have been her boyfriend who killed her.

After embarking on what was seemingly a ghost hunting trip in northern Italy, a French woman was found dead inside an abandoned church — with no blood left in her body.

According to a CNN report, the chapel was located in Italy’s Aosta Valley. The woman, 22-year-old Auriane Nathalie Laisne, told family members about her plans fo

Meet The Real-Life Henry Hill, The Gangster-Turned-Informant Who Inspired 'Goodfellas'

The gangster-turned-informant who inspired Goodfellas, Henry Hill's true story was far crazier than the 1990 film could ever portray.

Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film Goodfellas is a classic mob drama, telling the story of a young gangster as he becomes heavily involved with organized crime in New York City. But Scorsese’s film is not entirely a work of fiction. It’s based on the nonfiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi — which chronicles the life of Henry Hill, a real gangster-turned-informant.

The Disturbing Story Of Josh Powell, The Father Who Blew Up His Two Young Sons In A Gruesome Murder-Suicide

Josh Powell killed himself and his two children in a fiery explosion in his Washington home in 2012 — and he may have murdered his wife Susan two years earlier.

On Dec. 6, 2009, a young Utah mother named Susan Cox Powell disappeared. Police immediately suspected her husband, Josh Powell, was to blame. His story about taking their sons on a seemingly random camping trip was suspicious at best, and as investigators uncovered more information, a much darker tale began to play out before them.


Is 'Ring Around The Rosie' A Simple Children's Nursery Rhyme — Or Something Much Darker?

"Ring Around the Rosie" was likely created as a children's singing game in 18th-century Germany — but some people believe it has much darker origins.

“Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies. Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!” It’s a classic nursery rhyme that children often sing on the playground while spinning around. “Ring Around the Rosie,” or “Ring a Ring o’ Roses,” as it is sometimes known, is a lighthearted, playful tune from childhood.

But some people believe it has a much darker ba

Inside The Horrifying 1997 Murder Of 14-Year-Old Reena Virk At The Hands Of A Teenage Mob

Reena Virk was a victim of bullying who desperately wanted to fit in with her small-town Canadian peers — then a mob of them beat and killed her in a horrific swarming attack.

On Nov. 14, 1997, 14-year-old Reena Virk was beaten and killed by a group of her teenage peers.

That night, seven girls and one boy between the ages of 14 and 16 cornered Virk beneath a bridge in Victoria, British Columbia and accused her of trying to steal one of the girls’ boyfriends. Then, the group attacked her, vici

What Really Happened On The Night That Bob Saget Died?

After falling and hitting his head in his Ritz-Carlton Orlando hotel room, Bob Saget tragically died at age 65 on January 9, 2022.

Best known for portraying Danny Tanner on the sitcom Full House, Bob Saget became a household name in the late 1980s. A talented actor and comedian, he also made a name for himself as the beloved host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Incredibly, Saget didn’t stop there — and he remained active as an entertainer well into his 60s. So naturally, many were shocked an

The Illicit Life Of Sonny Barger, The Outlaw Biker Who Led The Hells Angels To Global Notoriety

Ralph "Sonny" Barger was just 20 years old when he took control of the Hells Angels in 1958. Under his leadership, the small California motorcycle club quickly grew into a notorious group with chapters across 63 countries.

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has hundreds of chapters in at least 63 countries around the world. Author Hunter S. Thompson infamously chronicled his time with the group in his book Hell’s Angels, and shows like Sons of Anarchy have likewise depicted the notorious club. Howeve

Meet The New Jersey Mob Boss Who Inspired Tony Soprano — And Whose Story Came To A Very Different End

Known as "Vinny Ocean," DeCavalcante crime family boss Vincent Palermo ruled northern New Jersey with an iron first, much like Tony Soprano.

The HBO series The Sopranos is widely acclaimed for its intricate character development, moral ambiguity, and incisive portrayal of American life. It tells the story of Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, a New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster, struggling to manage the pressures of his criminal organization while trying to keep his family life i

Who Was Jack The Ripper? Meet The Most Likely Suspects

An unidentified serial killer who murdered at least five women in London in 1888, Jack the Ripper's identity remains one of history's most infamous unsolved mysteries.

Jack the Ripper was one of history’s most infamous killers. Stalking the streets of London’s Whitechapel district during the 1888 “Autumn of Terror,” the Ripper has remained a point of fascination for over a century. But one question stands out above the rest: Who was Jack the Ripper?

To this day, despite countless examinations

Archaeologists In South Africa Find A 130,000-Year-Old Fossilized Sand Sculpture Of A Stingray

If this ancient stone stingray truly is 130,000-year-old sand art, it would predate all other known animal art by 90,000 years.

In 2018, a “citizen scientist” discovered a unique, symmetrical rock near Still Bay, South Africa. Upon closer inspection, the stone looked surprisingly similar to a stingray without its tail.

After a thorough study, a group of researchers has now published an academic article in the journal Rock Art Research in which they identify the rock as an ancient “sand sculptu

The Aztec Death Whistle, The Ancient Instrument Said To Sound Like The 'Wail Of A Thousand Souls'

While some have theorized that ancient Mesoamericans used the Aztec death whistle to terrify their enemies during battle, experts are still unsure what exactly these skull-shaped instruments were really used for.

In the late 1990s, a group of archaeologists discovered the skeleton of a human sacrifice victim within an ancient temple in Mexico City. Curiously, in each of its hands, the skeleton held a small ceramic whistle molded to look like a human skull. This discovery marked the beginning of

Research Team Locates 137-Year-Old Shipwreck On The Bottom Of Lake Michigan Using Newspaper Clippings

The Michigan Shipwreck Research Association found the wreckage of the steamship Milwaukee in June 2023, 137 years after it sank following a collision with the C. Hickox.

Using historical newspaper clippings, researchers from the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association (MSRA) recently discovered the wreckage of a steamship that sank 360 feet to the bottom of Lake Michigan in 1886.

The association announced the discovery of the steamship Milwaukee wreckage at the 24th annual MSRA Shipwreck Show

The Shocking Story Of Danny Porush And The Multi-Million Dollar Stock Fraud Scheme That Inspired 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'

Danny Porush was one of the founders of Stratton Oakmont, the infamous brokerage behind the multi-million dollar “pump and dump” stock fraud scheme that would inspire "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street was both a critical and commercial success, depicting the dramatic escapades of the movie’s titular “Wolf,” Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). But while Belfort’s story may be at the heart of the film, he was hardly alone in his multi-million dollar pu

Grace Millane, The 21-Year-Old Backpacker Who Was Murdered By Her Tinder Date While Traveling In New Zealand

Grace Millane was traveling the world after graduating from college when she met Jesse Kempson on a dating app while visiting New Zealand — then he strangled her to death in his hotel room.

In 2018, 21-year-old Grace Millane decided to take a gap year after graduating from college. The young British woman planned to travel the world, and she set off on a backpacking tour that fall.

After spending six weeks in South America, she flew to New Zealand for a two-week stay. Millane was looking forwa

Jared Fogle, The Former Subway Spokesman Who Turned Out To Be A Child Predator

From 2000 to 2015, Jared Fogle was Subway's most famous spokesperson — and a secret child predator committing horrific sex crimes.

Known as the “Subway Guy,” Jared Fogle was the franchise’s best-known spokesman. He first became a household name across America after he claimed to have lost 245 pounds in less than a year by eating two Subway sandwiches per day. This endorsement was excellent PR for the sandwich brand, since its famous slogan “Eat Fresh” implied that it was a healthier alternative

Harvard Just Removed A 150-Year-Old Book From Its Library — Because It Was Bound In Human Skin

Des Destinées de L'âme was written by French novelist Arsène Houssaye in the mid-1880s about the nature of souls and life after death.

After nearly 100 years in the collections of Harvard University’s Houghton Library, a controversial book covered in a woman’s skin is being removed due to the “ethically fraught nature of the book’s binding.”

The book is titled Des Destinées de L’âme, or Destinies of the Soul, and was published in 1879 by Arsène Houssaye. The volume was not originally bound in

Police In California Say A Man Stole The Severed Leg Of A Train Crash Victim — And Started Eating It

27-year-old Resendo Tellez was arrested after he allegedly stole a severed human leg from the scene of a train collision and proceeded to eat it while walking down the street.

A man in Kern County, California, was arrested on March 22, 2024, after allegedly removing human remains — a leg, to be exact — from a location other than a cemetery.

As local news station KUTV reported, an unnamed individual was killed after they were hit by a train at an Amtrak station in Wasco, California. Their leg w

Ron Kovic Served Two Tours In Vietnam — Then He Was Arrested 12 Times For Protesting The War

Ron Kovic's biography about his service in Vietnam and his anti-war activism inspired the Tom Cruise film Born on the Fourth of July.

Lying in the dirt in the midst of a firefight and suffering from two bullet wounds — one of which collapsed a lung and injured his spinal cord, paralyzing him from the chest down — Ron Kovic was a dead man.

It was during the Vietnam War, a war he had volunteered for, that Kovic suffered his life-threatening — and life-changing — injuries. But after he was discha

55 Colorized Photos Of The Titanic That Capture Its Doomed Voyage As It Really Was

From the Grand Staircase and first-class staterooms to the doomed passengers and half-empty lifeboats, see some of the most stunning photos of the Titanic in color.

The RMS Titanic was meant to be an “unsinkable” ship. It was the pride of the British White Star Line shipping company, the height of luxury for passengers who wanted to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Unfortunately, as we now know, the ship was anything but unsinkable.

Immortalized in James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic, the story

A Man In England Found The Largest Gold Nugget In The Country's History — With A Faulty Metal Detector

The gold nugget weighs 64.8 grams and is expected to sell for at least $38,000.

An English metal detectorist recently discovered what is believed to be the largest gold nugget ever found in the country. The chunk of gold, given the name Hiro’s Nugget, was evaluated to be worth between $38,000 and $50,000.

The discovery was made by 67-year-old Richard Brock, who unearthed the 64.8-gram gold nugget in England’s Shropshire Hills, despite the fact that his metal detector was faulty and he showed u

Melinda Loveless, The Teen Who Orchestrated The Horrific Torture And Murder Of 12-Year-Old Shanda Sharer

In 1992, 16-year-old Melinda Loveless recruited three friends to help her kidnap, torture, and murder 12-year-old Shanda Sharer — all because Shanda was dating Melinda’s ex-girlfriend.

Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions and/or images of violent, disturbing, or otherwise potentially distressing events.

Shanda Sharer was a bubbly 12-year-old girl in the early stages of a new romance. She had recently begun dating her classmate Amanda Heavrin, and life was good — until Amanda’s e

The Story Of Fly Geyser, The Otherworldly Wonder On The Edge Of The Nevada Desert

The geyser at Fly Ranch in Nevada is a unique, rainbow-colored geologic wonder — and it formed by complete accident.

In the middle of the Nevada desert lies an otherworldly landmark: a geyser in the shape of three six-foot-tall rainbow cones that spews boiling water nearly 12 feet up into the air.

Though it might seem like the least likely place on Earth for this geological wonder to exist, Fly Geyser does, indeed, stand in the dry desert climate of northern Nevada.

Located on a 3,800-acre pl
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