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Unpacking The Stigma Around Adult ADHD

It's not hard to see that there's an overwhelmingly negative narrative surrounding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and psychostimulants — drugs that can boost the activity of the body's central nervous — in the United States. Here's the story we're often told: The U.S. overdiagnoses ADHD and overprescribes these stimulant medications. This phenomenon, which some researchers say is a symptom of hypercompetitive capitalism, will lead to a second “opioid crisis,” where we take drug

The History of Abortion Law in the United States

It's fair to say a lot has happened in America within the past 300 years, especially once we declared ourselves an independent nation founded on the prospects of equality and justice for all. Of course, "all" in this instance meant "white, land-owning men," many of whom were only a generation or so removed from the group of Puritans who hanged women for "witchcraft." It would take nearly another century and a half before women would be allowed to vote, meaning that for about half of our country

Opioid Medications in America: From the Past to the Present

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a public health emergency and subsequently announced a five-point strategy to combat what we now refer to as "the opioid epidemic." Opioids are a class of drugs used to treat pain. Common types are oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), morphine and methadone. According to HHS data for 2019, more than 10 million people misused prescribed opioids, and 1.6 million had an opioid medication use disorder. Additionally,

The Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on Sleep Quality

Many of us are familiar with the experience that is waking up with a particularly bad hangover, the result of too many sugary mixed drinks at a college party or perhaps too many spiked eggnogs at an office holiday party. Hangovers notoriously leave us with headaches, stomach pains, nausea, fatigue, irritability and anxiety; for many, this also means spending the day slumped on a couch with intermittent naps and comfort foods and sports drinks in hand. While hangovers are the most glaringly obvio


A Brazilian Couple Is Under Investigation After They Dyed A Waterfall Blue — For Their Gender Reveal Party

Cachoeira Queima-Pé in Brazil supplies fresh water to the nearby city of Tangará da Serra, which has faced severe droughts for the past few years. Extravagant (and disastrous) gender reveal parties have become something of a regular occurrence in the age of social media, but a recent gender reveal gone wrong in Brazil has led to the couple responsible being investigated for an environmental crime. As reported by The Washington Post, a celebration in the central Brazilian state of Mato Grosso f

9 Of The Wildest Police Corruption Scandals In American History — And The Crooked Cops Behind Them

From police officers becoming drug kingpins to one who secretly operated as a prolific serial killer, these are the most corrupt cops in American history. Protect and serve — the motto is uttered by millions of cops worldwide, but history has made it abundantly clear that those words can often be empty. Police corruption runs the gamut from individual bribery, drug peddling, and violence to entire departments engaging in illicit activities, only working to protect and serve their own twisted s

Floating Home Designed For An ‘Eco-Sustainable Paradise’ Sinks As Soon As It’s Unveiled

The SeaPod, builty by Panama-based technology company Ocean Builders, is meant to be a self-sustaining, eco-restorative home that floats above the waves. At its grand unveiling on September 22, a futuristic luxury model home meant to float on the water toppled over in front of an audience that included Panama’s president, Laurentino Cortizo. The SeaPod, developed by the ocean-innovation technology company Ocean Builders, was meant to be the first of many pieces of “revolutionary blue technolog

Authorities In California Allegedly Shot A Kidnapping Victim Dead After She Ran Toward Them For Help

Anthony Graziano allegedly killed his wife and kidnapped his 15-year-old daughter, Savannah. Eventually, this led him to a shootout with police in which both he and his daughter were killed. On Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022, police engaged in a shootout with a man accused of fatally shooting his wife and kidnapping his 15-year-old daughter in California. During the shootout, however, the girl ran toward police for help — and they shot at her. According to an initial report by ABC 7, San Bernardino C

Archaeologists Just Found That These Ancient Artificial Islands Were Used For Medieval Parties

A new study suggests that ancient elites threw lavish parties on the crannogs surrounding Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man to display their wealth and power. A new study published in the journal Antiquity offers evidence that ancient elites in regions around the British Isles may have hosted grand parties on small, man-made islands known as crannogs. A crannog, as defined by the study’s authors, is “an artificial island within a lake, wetland, or estuary,” and there are hundreds o

California Man Caught Living With His Dead Roommate For Four Years — And Allegedly Cashing His Checks

Darren Pirtle allegedly lived with the dead body of his roommate, Kevin Olson, for four years while writing himself checks from Olson's accounts. Police in Northern California have charged a man with identity theft and forgery after they discovered that he’s been living with his dead roommate’s body for the past four years — and allegedly cashing the man’s checks. Local station KTLA reported that 57-year-old Darren Pirtle of Chico was charged in Butte County Superior Court on Monday, Sept. 26,

Inside The 'Voyage Of The Damned' That Left 937 Jewish Refugees Homeless On The Eve Of The Holocaust

In May 1939, 937 refugees — most of them Jewish — fled Nazi Germany seeking asylum in the United States, but they were denied and left adrift at sea for over a month. On May 13, 1939, 937 people — mostly Jews — boarded the luxury cruise liner, the SS St. Louis, fleeing persecution in Nazi Germany. The ship was bound first for Cuba, where the passengers would await immigration visas to enter the United States. But many of them never made it. After being denied asylum in Havana, Cuba, the St. Lo

The Tragic True Stories Of The Most Heartbreaking Celebrity Deaths In Recent History

From the unexpected deaths of legendary comedian Robin Williams and "Black Panther" star Chadwick Boseman to the still-mysterious demise of Brittany Murphy, these are the most infamous deaths in recent Hollywood history. It’s easy to forget that when the cameras are off, the celebrities we see on-screen are just people, no matter how famous and wealthy they are. Still, we grow attached to certain actors, musicians, athletes, and artists because their work resonates with us — which makes these r

Church Leaders Are Making Their Members Download 'Shameware' Apps To Prevent Them From Watching Porn

Apps like Covenant Eyes and Accountable2You do more than track users' porn habits — they report everything users do on their phones back to their "accountability partners." When a member of the Southern Baptist church Gracepoint came out to his church leader, he was expecting to get kicked out. Instead, he was asked to download an app on his phone that would help him “control all of his urges.” As WIRED reported, Gracepoint church proclaims itself to be “a bit crazy about the Great Commission

The Twisted Story Of The Predator Who Convinced His Neighbors To Let Him Sleep With Their Daughter

Between 1972 and 1976, Robert Berchtold groomed the Broberg family in order to get closer to their 12-year-old daughter Jan — who he eventually abducted and married. On Oct. 17, 1974, Robert Berchtold picked up his young neighbor Jan Broberg from her piano lessons in Pocatello, Idaho, so he could, he claimed, take her horseback riding. In truth, Berchtold drugged the 12-year-old and staged the scene to make it seem as if the two of them had been captured and taken away against their will. Berc

Australian Fisherman Catches 'Nightmare' Shark With Bulging Eyes And Human-Like Grin — And Experts Are Baffled

Fisherman Trapman Bermagui caught the shark in the deep waters off the coast of New South Wales. A fisherman off the coast of Australia was in for a terrifying surprise when he pulled a shark out of the ocean — and then noticed its bulging eyes and human-like smile. The deep-sea angler, Trapman Bermagui, shared a picture of the frightening creature on Facebook, identifying it as a “deep sea rough skin shark,” which was reeled in from 650 meters (2,132 feet) beneath the water’s surface. The ph

Iron Lungs, Paralysis, And Death: The Grim Reality Of America's Polio Epidemics In 44 Unsettling Photos

Polio epidemics plagued America as early as the 1890s, but by far the most destructive outbreak occurred in 1952 — leaving tens of thousands paralyzed, in iron lungs, or dead. It’s hard to believe that polio was once an all-but-guaranteed virus that ravaged America. In a post-vaccine world, the polio epidemic has been off most Americans’ radar for the better part of 60 years now, but in the mid-1900s, it spread at an alarming rate, especially in children. At its peak in the United States in 19

Police In Oklahoma Just Caught An Alleged Serial Burglar — Thanks To His SpongeBob Shorts

Edward Price was charged with three counts of second-degree burglary, concealing stolen property, and possession of an illegal firearm. Thanks to the help of a little sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea, police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were able to identify an alleged serial burglar they believe was responsible for multiple burglaries from units at the Waterside Apartments between July 23 and September 13. In almost every instance, the front door was kicked down and guns, electronics, amm

This 21,000-Page, 38-Pound Manga Is Now Officially The World’s Longest Book

The art project combines all 21,450 pages of Eiichiro Oda's hugely successful manga series into one single display piece. It’s official, the world’s longest book is here, and it comes in a whopping 21,450-page volume weighing 37.5 pounds. It also happens to be one of the world’s most popular manga. As Artnet reported, the book is a compilation of every digitally released panel of Eiichiro Oda’s 25-year-old epic pirate series, now inconveniently bound in an outrageously large, single-volume edi

8 Deadly Amusement Park Disasters That Never Should Have Happened

While you're more likely to be struck by lightning than experience an accident at the theme park, these amusement park disasters show what happens when a day of fun turns into a nightmare. Amusement parks are generally safe — provided you keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and avoid restricted areas. Yet accidents still happen — and these amusement park disasters show the deadly side of these rides. From the early 1900s to early 2022, the eight disasters featured here are

Scientists Just Made Diamonds From Plastic — By Blasting It With Lasers

Inspired by "nanodiamonds" found on ice giants like Uranus and Neptune, this new research could help to greatly reduce plastic pollution and transform plastics in the ocean. Scientists at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf in Germany recently blasted cheap plastic with ultrapowerful lasers, and in the process created incredibly tiny “nanodiamonds” and confirmed the existence of a new, exotic type of water. Using a high-powered optical laser, the physicists blasted a sheet of polyethylene ter

Inside 11 Of History's Worst Deaths, From Being Eaten By Bears To Boiling Alive

From the animal activist who was eaten alive by a bear to the girl who was tortured by her own caregiver, these might be the worst deaths in history. Ideally, we all peacefully die in our sleep at an old age after living a long and fruitful life. The unfortunate reality is that this is often not the case, and most of us should count our blessings if it’s simply over with quickly. The deaths featured here don’t fall into either of the above categories. Many of them were long and drawn out. All

Palestinian Farmer Unearths Ancient Byzantine Mosaic While Working In His Olive Orchard

The mosaic dates back to sometime between the fifth and seventh centuries, a time when the Gaza Strip was a bustling center of commerce. While working in his olive orchard in Gaza, half a mile from the Israeli border, a farmer discovered an ornate mosaic decorated with colorful birds and other animals buried beneath the dirt. Salman al-Nabahin made the discovery after planting new trees in his orchard in the Bureij refugee camp, The Guardian reported. When some of the trees failed to properly

Beyond Meat Executive Arrested After Biting A Man's Nose During A Road Rage Incident

After a minor bump in a parking garage, Doug Ramsey reportedly assaulted another driver, biting his nose and threatening to kill him. In an act of bitter irony, the chief operating officer of the vegan plant-based meat company Beyond Meat was arrested on Sept. 17, 2022, after allegedly biting a man’s nose following a college football game in Arkansas. As first reported by local station KNWA, 53-year-old Doug Ramsey was charged with terroristic threatening and third-degree battery for the incid

Ante Pavelić, The Unhinged Croatian Dictator Who Was Too 'Bestial' Even For The Nazis

Using his ultranationalist terrorist group known as the Ustaše, Ante Pavelić orchestrated a horrific genocide of nearly one million ethnic Serbs, Jews, and Romani people. On October 9, 1934, King Alexander of Yugoslavia was assassinated in Marseille, France. The assassin was an agent of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) — but another group had been working behind the scenes to orchestrate hi death: the Ustaše, a Croatian ultra-nationalist regime led by an unhinged fascis
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